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News Tuesday, Oct 2 2018

American Bridge Launches Multi-State Digital Ad Campaign Highlighting Republican Senate Candidates’ Complicity in Kevin Cramer’s Sexual Assault Comments

Oct 02, 2018

Today American Bridge launched a multi-state digital ad campaign targeting Republican Senate candidates for fundraising with North Dakota Congressman Kevin Cramer after he called Dr. Blasey Ford’s sexual assault allegation against Brett Kavanaugh “absurd” because “it didn’t go anywhere,” and said “even if it’s all true, does it disqualify him?”

The ads target four Republican Senate nominees who are attending a joint fundraiser with Cramer this Friday: Josh Hawley, Mike Braun, Martha McSally, and Patrick Morrisey. Not one of the four has denounced Cramer’s comments.

The ads will play statewide on social media in Missouri, Indiana, Arizona, and West Virginia, targeted to midterm voters.

“Kevin Cramer has made it abundantly clear over the past week that he is incapable of the kind of judgment befitting a U.S. Senator,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman.“And not only have his fellow Republican Senate nominees failed to condemn Cramer’s remarks, they are attending a joint fundraiser with him this Thursday. Their constituents deserve a thorough explanation of their nominees’ continued association with Cramer.”

WATCH “Disqualifying Judgment” here:

Watch “Josh Hawley’s Disqualifying Judgement” here.
Watch “Mike Braun’s Disqualifying Judgement” here.
Watch “Martha McSally’s Disqualifying Judgement” here.
Watch “Patrick Morrisey’s Disqualifying Judgement” here.

Published: Oct 2, 2018

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