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Monday, Sep 24 2012

American Bridge Launches “Meet the Crooks” Website

Sep 24, 2012

WASHINGTON – American Bridge 21st Century has launched, highlighting four of the worst ethical transgressors currently running for U.S. Congress. Between them, these candidates have managed to accumulate at least 13 separate investigations by agencies including the IRS, the FBI, and state and county prosecutors. They have been accused of cheating on taxes, evading campaign finance laws, and even secretly running a fake Democrat to interfere with a Democratic primary.

Through, American Bridge 21st Century invites voters to meet:

Vern Buchanan, the Florida car dealer who has faced serious investigations by the FBI, IRS, Department of Justice, FEC, and the House Ethics Committee in the six short years since he was first elected in 2006. In addition to allegations that his dealerships cheated customers and evaded taxes, Buchanan was accused of forcing employees to contribute to his campaign and then illegally reimbursing them through the business.

Michael Grimm, the New York representative who is currently under investigation by the FBI for illegally raising funds from an Orthodox Jewish Community with the help of a controversial rabbi, who is also under FBI investigation. Grimm allegedly threatened the rabbi and members of his congregation, and then filtered money through “straw donors” to circumvent campaign contribution laws.

Abel Maldonado, the former Lieutenant Governor of California who shortchanged the IRS over $600,000 through bad business deductions. Maldonado tried to get the American taxpayer to pay for things like country club memberships, renovations to his home, and two horses. When the IRS investigated in 2010, they found that Maldonado’s business had a pattern of deducting expenses “which have no business purpose whatsoever.” Maldonado is still involved in a tax court case, slowly paying off his debt.

David Rivera, the Florida congressman who is facing two separate criminal investigations by the FBI and Miami-Dade prosecutors for his role in running a fake Democratic candidate, Lamar Sternad, against Joe Garcia in the Democratic Primary. Despite Rivera’s claim that he didn’t know Sternard, campaign vendors told the press that Rivera paid for Sternad’s mailings in secretive cash stuffed envelopes, and Rivera’s personal friend, Ana Alliegro, actually managed Sternad’s campaign. Alliegro had recently agreed to talk to the FBI, but has since gone missing.

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Published: Sep 24, 2012

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