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News Tuesday, Aug 7 2018

American Bridge Launches First General Election Ad Against Possible FBI Suspect Bill Schuette

Aug 07, 2018

Watch the ad here

GOP Lt. Governor Brian Calley: “I don’t think there is any question whatsoever that the Attorney General has broken the law for political purposes.”

American Bridge will launch its first ad of the general election tomorrow against new Republican nominee and possible FBI suspect Bill Schuette. The ad highlights how even Michigan Republicans believe voters can’t trust Bill Schuette.

Schuette has faced multiple scandals over his use of taxpayer resources for personal and political purposes. In May 2018, Crain’s Detroit reported that Schuette sold $7.2 million in Virgin Islands real estate while in office and used his Attorney General staff to notarize documents related to that sale. The reports prompted Republican Governor Rick Snyder to call the issue a serious matter and lead Ingham Country Prosecutor Carol Sieman to refer a request for a grand jury investigation to the FBI.
Then, last week, the Detroit Free Press reported that emails revealed that Schuette asked staffers to talk “presidential politics” on state time and offered state employees financial incentives to secure endorsements for then-Presidential candidate Jeb Bush. The emails were sent by Schuette‘s state scheduler during office hours on a Monday and scheduled a conference call during office hours. Additional emails sent instructed Attorney General staff to meet endorsement goals for Jeb Bush by “close of business” Wednesday.

“The primary may be over, but the general election and the FBI investigation into his blatant abuse of office are just beginning for Bill Schuette,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Even Michigan Republicans say Bill Schuette can’t be trusted and broke the law. The Attorney General’s office is supposed to protect the interests of Michigan families, but Bill Schuette’s treated it like his personal real estate and political machine.”

The ad will run statewide on social media starting tomorrow and is targeted to registered independents and swing voters.  You can watch it below.

Published: Aug 7, 2018

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