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Monday, Dec 8 2014

American Bridge Kicks Off the 2016 Presidential Campaign with New Book:  2016 Scouting Report – American Bridge’s Media Guide To The Republican Presidential Field

Dec 08, 2014

Democratic Opposition Research Playbook Will Be Shared with Allies, Press and the Public and Represents the Most Comprehensive Early Look Ever at a Presidential Field

Washington, D.C. – American Bridge is setting the stage for the 2016 Republican primary contest today by releasing the first-ever presidential playbook on the wide field of potential GOP candidates. At nearly 200 pages, 2016 Scouting Report: American Bridge’s Media Guide to the Republican Presidential Field is the most comprehensive early look ever assembled and will give allies and operatives a head start on defining the 2016 field.

This playbook represents the first glance at some of the critical intelligence American Bridge’s researchers have begun to assemble on 20 potential Republican candidates. 2016 Scouting Report exposes some of the GOP field’s biggest vulnerabilities and foreshadows impending lines of attack against them. It will be shared with allies, the press, and the public as a reference point for when these candidates move to the right to appeal to the most conservative wing of the Republican Party. The guide will ensure they are held accountable for their words and actions as they attempt to win the nomination. American Bridge has printed over 2,000 initial hard copies of the 2016 Scouting Report to date and is distributing it to activists, operatives, and reporters across the country.

The new book, E-book, and companion website assembles critical information about these candidates and presents it as a single streamlined, user-friendly book – 23 months before Election Day 2016. From Chris Christie to Scott Walker and from Jeb Bush to Ben Carson, the 2016 Scouting Report is full of the must know career highlights and statistics on the field as well as issues to watch and potential questions to ask for each candidate as he or she navigates the primary contest.

“The 2016 Scouting Report: American Bridge’s Media Guide to the Republican Presidential Field is an essential resource for anyone interested in politics. Whether you’re an embed on a campaign, a talking head on television, a political operative or activist, or just a concerned citizen trying to sift through all of the Republican contenders, 2016 Scouting Report is the perfect introduction to a Republican presidential field that is as large and undistinguished as any in my lifetime,” writes Paul Begala in his foreword.

“There is no doubt that the battle for the 2016 Republican nomination will produce fireworks. The field is a mix of long-time Tea Party favorites and candidates who are desperately racing right to prove their conservative bona fides. I’m proud to say that there will be no better way to get smart fast on each of the candidates and no better reference point to keep them honest than our 2016 Scouting Report. This effort demonstrates once again that democratic opposition research is miles ahead of the competition,” said American Bridge President Brad Woodhouse. 

As American Bridge has demonstrated for the last two campaign cycles, in-depth candidate research is as ongoing and dynamic as the candidates and campaigns themselves; this playbook is the beginning of the conversation, not the end. The Scouting Report is available for download for Kindle and iPad, and will be regularly updated at as the cycle picks up steam.

Published: Dec 8, 2014

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