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News Wednesday, Apr 18 2018

American Bridge Files Sunshine Law Request For All Correspondence Between Josh Hawley's Campaign and A.G. Office

Apr 18, 2018

Today, American Bridge filed a request under Missouri’s Sunshine Law (Sec. 610.011.1, RSMo Supp. 2006) requesting copies of all incoming and outgoing correspondence between Josh Hawley’s U.S. Senate campaign and the Office of Missouri Attorney General.

Today, National Journal’s Josh Kraushaar reported that Josh Hawley’s campaign “said that it was planning to release fundraising numbers last Wednesday, but got distracted by breaking Greitens news.” And Jake Sherman of Politico added“the campaign should have absolutely no involvement with the Greitens issue.”

This represents a startling on-the-record admission from Josh Hawley’s political campaign that it was involved in Hawley’s law enforcement actions against Gov. Eric Greitens.

“Why is Josh Hawley’s political campaign involved in law enforcement decisions at the highest levels of Missouri government?” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “Hawley took $50,000 in campaign contributions from Gov. Greitens in 2016, and now Hawley’s next campaign is involved in Hawley’s decisions regarding the Attorney General’s office. Hawley needs to come clean about what role his campaign is playing in law enforcement decisions — immediately.”

Click here to read the Sunshine Request from American Bridge.

Published: Apr 18, 2018

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