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American Bridge Congratulates Joe Biden, Launches First Ad of General Election Campaign in Pennsylvania

Mar 10, 2020

American Bridge President Bradley Beychok tonight announced the group’s plans to support former Vice-President Joe Biden after he secured numerous victories in key states tonight. The group also announced a $2.2 million dollar ad buy in Pennsylvania that will launch tomorrow, initially on television but expanding to radio and digital channels as well this week. 

“American Bridge has remained neutral in the Democratic primary, however tonight the voices of Democratic voters are loud and clear: they want Joe Biden to be our standard-bearer. That’s why we are rallying behind his candidacy and will deploy every resource at our disposal from now until November to ensure Joe Biden is the next President of the United States.”

“The stakes couldn’t be higher for our country’s future. That’s why American Bridge has already laid the groundwork and has been investing in key states since the fall to weaken Trump with key voters and help create a path to 270 for our eventual nominee. We will continue to lead the way to make sure Donald Trump is a one-term President.” 

Tomorrow, American Bridge will launch its first ads of the general election in targeted Pennsylvania media markets. The ads, backed by a $2.2 million investment, are part of American Bridge’s most recent $10 million investment in TV, radio, and digital advertising in key swing states.  

As with previous campaigns, American Bridge worked intensively on the ground to recruit the former Trump voters who can share her personal stories of how they’ve been let down by Donald Trump since supporting him in 2016. The launch features a mix of 60 and 30-second advertisements TV spots with additional versions of the ads running on radio. Samples of the ads can be viewed here:

Janie “Pike” (:60)

Janie “Pills” (:30) 

A series of prior ad tests have indicated that American Bridge’s strategy of elevating real voters’s testimonials on TV has already had an effect on the 2020 race; surveys conducted adjacent to American Bridge’s paid advertisements in November and December 2019 showed that the ads decreased Trump’s favorability, increased support for a generic Democrat, and widened the Democratic base by bringing over undecided voters. 

As American Bridge launches its first major paid media of the general election, here are some metrics of the group’s effort so far:

  • American Bridge finished 2019 as the largest presidential election spender on television and radio in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin – outspending both the Trump campaign and the president’s super PAC, on TV and radio in these states.
  • Our on-the-ground effort has knocked over 35,000 doors so far across our target states working to find and recruit potential Trump defectors with moving stories to include in future paid advertising.
  • Our researchers have compiled 54 individual county-level research books zeroing in on the localized economic impact of the Trump administration in our target areas. 

Published: Mar 10, 2020 | Last Modified: Jul 21, 2020

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