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News Tuesday, Jul 9 2013

American Bridge Announces New Effort To Defend 2016 Dems From GOP Smears

Jul 09, 2013 will fight back against Republican attacks

WASHINGTON – Expanding its scope beyond Republican candidates for office, American Bridge 21st Century announced today the launch of Correct the Record, a dedicated research, tracking and rapid response communications project to defend Democrats in preparation for the 2016 Presidential election.

The website,, will introduce an aggressive rapid response program to defend potential Democratic candidates from false attacks leveled by Republicans, and also will house the early opposition research and video tracking already being done by American Bridge on potential Republican candidates.

Though more than three years from the next presidential election, Democratic leaders like former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden, and others are already being subjected to coordinated attacks from Republican figures and organizations. In May, Karl Rove’s American Crossroads released an attack ad against Secretary Clinton, politicizing the tragedy in Benghazi. In June, another Republican Super PAC, America Rising, launched a “Stop Hillary 2016” campaign. And House Republican leaders are using taxpayer dollars to fund partisan witch hunts with a clear eye towards 2016.

Correct the Record will employ a dedicated war room staff charged with providing rapid response to false attacks from Republicans, utilizing traditional and new media tactics to promote the truth, and disseminating its fact-based content to the media, allied progressive organizations, and directly to voters.

“Rather than make a serious attempt to address the policy and demographic difficulties exposed during the last election, Republicans have responded to President Obama’s reelection by turning their relentless attack strategy to his likely successors,” said David Brock, chairman of American Bridge. “Correct the Record is a logical extension of the American Bridge brand to defend Democrats against right-wing dirt and phony scandal-mongering with the truth, and will work to prevent a dynamic in which these false charges intended to denigrate Democratic leaders are leveled with impunity.”

At the same time, Brock said, a deep bench of senators, congressmen, and governors are positioning themselves now to step into the Republican Party’s leadership void. Correct the Record will compile and publish research on those candidates who will potentially seek the Republican presidential nomination in 2016. During the 2012 election cycle, American Bridge conducted research and tracked more than 70 Republican candidates, including eight Presidential hopefuls. The organization also collaborated with Democratic allies like Priorities USA Action to define Mitt Romney early and published hundreds of pages of opposition research on Rep. Paul Ryan before he was named to the ticket.

“Without question, Democratic Super PACs like American Bridge were more efficient and more effective than their Republican counterparts, which is why President Obama’s back in the White House while Mitt Romney and Republicans are home licking their wounds,” said James Carville.  “By employing a sword and shield strategy that keeps the pressure on potential Republican nominees while defending our own, Correct the Record is taking on a critical role early in the cycle to the advantage of Democrats’ eventual nominee.”



Published: Jul 9, 2013

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