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Stacey Abrams Thursday, Dec 2 2021

American Bridge 21st Century Statement on the Georgia Gubernatorial Election

Dec 02, 2021

As the GOP gears up for the 2022 Georgia gubernatorial election, they will have to contend with an ugly, divisive primary that will require candidates to embrace deeply unpopular positions while the Democratic Party unites behind Stacey Abrams.

Here’s why Georgia Republicans are in trouble:

  1. A messy, chaotic Republican primary exacerbated by Trump’s revenge tour. After Democrats picked up Georgia and two U.S. Senate seats, Georgia Republicans are struggling with an unpopular governor seeking reelection and a former President hell-bent on seeking revenge. The Georgia GOP will have to deal with the ire of the former president and the potential fallout if failed former Senator David Purdue decides to enter into the race.
  2. The embrace of out-of-touch, politically toxic policies opposed by the majority of Georgians. Kemp and Republican leadership at the state level have refused to expand Medicaid, forced through a restrictive voter suppression bill, opposed access to safe, legal abortions, and fought against vaccine mandates. 
  3. A Democratic Party united behind Stacey Abrams. After running a historic campaign in 2018, Stacey Abrams mobilized millions of voters to flip Georgia blue in 2020 and she will do so again in 2022. With her leadership, Democrats are united in our fight to ensure every child has access to quality education, every worker has affordable healthcare, and every Georgian can share in the benefits of an economy that leaves no one behind. 

“After years of failed leadership at the state level thanks to inept Republican politicians, Georgians are ready for change,” said American Bridge 21st Century President Jessica Floyd. “The distinctions between the two parties could not be more clear. While Republicans are embroiled in an ugly primary filled with nasty political attacks, Democrats are united in our efforts to flip Georgia blue. And while Republicans refuse to expand Medicaid, have passed the most egregious voter suppression laws in the country, and continue to oppose reproductive rights, Democrats stand for access to quality health care, affordable child care, and an economy that works for all.” 

Now, with Stacey Abrams leading the gubernatorial ticket, Democrats are prepared to mobilize millions of voters through an unparalleled grassroots movement that will build upon her historic campaign in 2018 and the party’s triumphs in 2020.”

During the 2020-2021 Georgia Senate runoffs, American Bridge 21st Century invested nearly $10 million in a paid media program targeting rural voters and partnered with grassroots groups like 1000 Women Strong that helped register and mobilize voters in Georgia’s pivotal 2nd Congressional District. 

Ahead of the 2022 midterms, American Bridge launched Bridge Together, a new initiative that aims to support grassroots organizations in Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania that will build sustained engagement before election day. In addition to this voter engagement program, American Bridge launched a $100 million paid media campaign that features small business owners and parents in key states like Georgia who have been helped by President Biden and congressional Democrats’ economic agenda. 


Published: Dec 2, 2021 | Last Modified: Dec 10, 2021

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