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AB Leadership Press Releases Joe Biden Wednesday, Apr 26 2023

American Bridge 21st Century Co-Chairs Release Statements On President Biden’s Re-Election Launch

Apr 26, 2023

Today, on the four-year anniversary of his 2020 election campaign launch, President Joe Biden announced his re-election campaign for the 2024 cycle. President Biden has a long record of delivering for American families, bolstering our economy, and protecting the freedoms of all Americans.

Following President Biden’s announcement, American Bridge 21st Century Co-Chairs released the following statements highlighting President Biden’s historic achievements in his first term:

“President Biden spent his first term fighting for our democracy, our rights, and the very soul of our nation,” said former Montana Governor Steve Bullock. “Through the American Rescue Plan, President Biden is reinvigorating rural America — including states like my own — with historic investments in good-paying jobs and critical infrastructure. We need to send President Biden back to the Oval Office to finish the job for the American people.”

“When President Biden first stepped into the White House, our economy was in crisis after four years of Donald Trump. In just his first two years in office, he has boosted our economy and created more than 12 million jobs with a national unemployment rate at a 54-year low. Republicans are running on their plans to gut Social Security and Medicaid while President Biden has spent his career working to expand them,” said Secretary Tom Perez. “The Biden-Harris administration has made unprecedented investments in protecting these crucial programs that American families rely on, creating clean energy jobs, and strengthening our American manufacturing. President Biden’s leadership in Washington is leading us to a stronger economy and country, and I can’t wait for his re-election next November.”

“The Biden-Harris administration has made fighting to protect our reproductive rights a key priority. Republicans want a nationwide abortion ban — and they’ve rigged the courts to try and get one. We can’t afford a MAGA extremist like Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, or any of the other Republican presidential hopefuls who want to ban abortion and reproductive health care nationwide,” said Cecile Richards. “We must fight to re-elect President Biden, whose administration has been a strong advocate for abortion rights. There is too much at stake next year to get complacent — we need to send President Biden back to the White House for another four years.”

With the 2024 presidential campaign beginning and a messy GOP primary already underway, American Bridge is doing what we do best – holding Republicans accountable and showing voters what President Biden has done to deliver results for the American people. We were the first organization to put out pro-Biden presidential ads for the 2024 cycle. Every Friday, we’re updating the Trump Research Book and earlier this month we published 500 pages of research on Ron DeSantis.

Published: Apr 26, 2023

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