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Saturday, Mar 13 2021

American Bridge 21st Century Calls on Ron Johnson to Resign Over Racist January 6 Comments

Mar 13, 2021

Johnson said yesterday that he wasn’t worried when white insurrectionists stormed the Capitol because they “love this country,” but that if they had been Black Lives Matter protesters he would have been concerned for his safety

American Bridge 21st Century President Jessica Floyd released the following statement calling on Senator Ron Johnson to resign over his blatantly racist comments on January 6:

“Senator Johnson’s remarks are racist and unacceptable. There is nothing patriotic about storming the Capitol to attempt to overturn an election and murder elected officials. Apparently for Ron Johnson, simply being Black is a bigger offense than launching a violent insurrection. Ron Johnson is an embarrassment to the United States Senate and the state of Wisconsin. He needs to resign immediately.”

Published: Mar 13, 2021

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