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Thursday, May 10 2018

Ahead of Trump-Pence Campaign Stop for Mike Braun, American Bridge Launches Search Ads

May 10, 2018

Google Ads Will Help Hoosiers Find Out “Who Is Mike Braun”

Today, ahead of Donald Trump and Mike Pence’s campaign visit to Indiana to campaign for new Senate nominee Rep. Mike Braun, American Bridge is launching Google search ads to inform Hoosiers exactly who their Republican Senate nominee is.

When Hoosiers — many of whom will first learn about Mike Braun as he campaigns today — search Google for “Mike Braun” or “Who is Mike Braun,” targeted search ads will direct them to a website that highlights what Rep. Braun’s fellow Republicans think about him.

“When you’re meeting someone for the first time, it’s best to talk to those who know him best. So we thought Hoosiers should really hear from Congressmen Rokita and Messer, two Republicans who have some choice words for Rep. Mike Braun. Although Indiana’s brutal primary has come to a close, Mike Braun can’t wish away the harsh words of his fellow Republicans,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp.


View the Google search ads below, and click here to see where the ads direct curious voters:



Published: May 10, 2018 | Last Modified: Feb 1, 2024

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