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Adam Laxalt Wednesday, Oct 6 2021

Adam Laxalt Won’t Rule Out Trying To Overturn 2024 Presidential Election

Oct 06, 2021

According to a new report from HuffPostNevada GOP U.S. Senate candidate Adam Laxalt refuses to rule out trying to overturn the results of the next presidential election if he’s elected to Congress.

There’s something of a pattern here. Laxalt has already hinted — more than a year out from November 2022 — that his campaign will “file lawsuits early,” implying that he cannot win otherwise. And this talk follows Laxalt’s failed attempt to overturn Nevada’s 2020 election results, as part of his efforts to spread the Big Lie while working as co-chair for Trump’s Nevada campaign. 

Huff Post: Nevada GOP Senate Candidate Won’t Commit To Certifying 2024 Election Results

By Liz Skalka, 10/5/21

Key Points

  • “A Republican Senate candidate in Nevada wouldn’t say whether he would vote to overturn the results of the next presidential election, an issue that more GOP candidates running for both state and federal office may be called on to confront.”
  • “Former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt dodged a question about certifying the 2024 results in Reno last week. ‘I’m not going to answer that kind of hypothetical,’ he told a KRNV interviewer during a campaign stop Oct. 1 when asked whether he would overturn the outcome.”
  • “Like many Republicans running to swing control of the House and Senate next year, Laxalt has promoted the bogus narrative that widespread fraud was to blame for Trump’s losses in six key battlegrounds.”
  • “Looking to the midterms and beyond, his remarks signal the willingness of Republicans to project fraud on elections that haven’t even happened. And whether to certify election results has become something of a litmus test for GOP candidates.”
  • “As Trump’s pick for the Nevada seat […] Laxalt has already said he’d support legal challenges to the midterm results, more than a year out from the election.”

Read the full HuffPost report here


Published: Oct 6, 2021

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