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News Wednesday, May 4 2016

AB21 Statement on Toomey's Ticket to the Trump Train

May 04, 2016

AB21 Statement on Toomey’s Ticket to the Trump Train

With Donald Trump essentially securing the Republican nomination in Indiana last night, American Bridge 21st Century President Jessica Macker released the following statement on Pat Toomey’s place in the #PartyOfTrump:

“As Toomey’s poll numbers tank, he’s all aboard the Trump Train.  Senator Toomey has confusingly characterized Trump’s rallies as ‘peaceful‘; but less confusing are, Trump and Toomey’s shared positions: Toomey echoes Trump in calling for fiscally irresponsible tax cuts for the rich, has opposed a fair wage for working Americans, and is doing Trump’s dirty work to ‘delay, delay, delay.’ With Trump at the top of the ticket Toomey’s Tea Party past will be hard to hide as he shows the Keystone State how he and the rest of Washington Republicans are the Party of Trump. “

Published: May 4, 2016

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