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Blake Masters seated next to Peter Thiel, who is also seated

Blake Masters Peter Thiel Wednesday, Aug 3 2022

AB21 Statement on Arizona’s Republican U.S. Senate Primary Results

Aug 03, 2022

American Bridge 21st Century released the following statement on Blake Masters winning the Arizona Republican U.S. Senate primary after Big Tech billionaire Peter Thiel spent over $15 million to buy his employee the GOP nomination:

“From calling for the privatization of Social Security to advocating for cuts to Medicare to backing a total abortion ban, Blake Masters has repeatedly proven he cannot be trusted,” said American Bridge 21st Century spokesperson Aidan Johnson. “Masters is running to advance his own financial interests and those of his California Big Tech billionaire boss. If elected in November, he will quickly throw Arizonans under the bus for personal profit.”

During the course of his primary campaign, Masters repeatedly used his platform to shill for his own financial interests, as well as those of Peter Thiel — raising serious questions about whether he will be capable of separating himself from the interests of his former employer:

And when it comes to the issues, Masters has likewise shown he can’t be trusted to put Arizona families and workers first:

  • Supports a plan to privatize Social Security and cut Medicare:
    • Masters has said, “[W]e have to” cut Medicare and Social Security spending, arguing the government must “cut the knot at some point” and even endorsing Social Security privatization.
  • Supports totally outlawing abortion — without any exceptions:
    • Masters has repeatedly called for a federal personhood law outlawing all abortions nationally and supported Arizona’s near-total abortion ban. 
  • Blamed “black people, frankly” for gun violence in America:
    • After shootings in Texas and Buffalo, Masters acknowledged that the United States has a gun violence problem but blamed the problem on “Black people, frankly.
  • Attacked Griswold v. Connecticut, the Supreme Court decision that protects contraception access:
    • Masters called the Griswold decision  “wrongfully decided,” attacking the decision and its underlying protections that prevent states from banning access to contraception.
  • Supports repealing the ACA which would let insurance companies charge higher premiums to older Americans and people with pre-existing conditions:
    • Masters called the law a “disaster,” despite the fact that repealing ACA would be devastating for Arizonans — gutting coverage protections for 1.1 million individuals with pre-existing conditions and spiking health costs across the board.
  • Opposes marriage equality — and says he’d support letting states ban LGBTQ+ individuals from getting married.

But don’t just take it from us — even Masters’ fellow Arizona Republicans say he can’t be trusted


Published: Aug 3, 2022 | Last Modified: Aug 15, 2022

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