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AB Leadership Wednesday, Apr 20 2022

AB21 Releases New Ads AZ, GA, PA, NV Emphasizing Biden’s Economic Agenda

Apr 20, 2022

American Bridge 21st Century released new ads focused on President Biden’s economic agenda. These new ads are the latest round in Bridge’s paid media program in 2022. Beginning tomorrow, Bridge will be airing new television, digital, and radio ads in key battleground markets: Tucson, Arizona; Pittsburgh, Erie, and Johnstown, Pennsylvania; and Savannah and Augusta, Georgia. 

President Biden is fighting to lower costs and support the American economy as we emerge from this pandemic. The ads feature women – several, former Republicans – in each of these states talking about how Joe Biden is delivering real results, including creating a record setting 6.6 million jobs in his first year in office. 

As we head toward the fall, American Bridge is using creative tactics to connect President Biden’s strong economic message with voters in key states – particularly women. Recently, the Verge reported on American Bridge’s paid media influencer program targeting women in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada with a pro-Biden message delivered by non-political content creators.

In Arizona, we meet Jodi – a veteran and retiree who has voted for both Republicans and Democrats. She talks about how President Biden reflects her values and the credit he deserves for the economic turnaround in Tucson. 


In Pennsylvania, we meet a veteran, former Republican, and mom from Meadville, Pennsylvania named Lindsay. She praises President Biden for being focused on access to better jobs and cutting costs for families. 


In Nevada, we hear from Kayla – a single mom of three living in the rural community of Fernley, Nevada. She emphasizes how President Biden’s strong pandemic response and economic policies allowed her family to get through the pandemic. 


In Georgia – Leela, a mom and small business owner, talks about how Joe Biden’s economic agenda has helped small business owners and families get through the pandemic. She also talks about how the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law benefits everyone. 


“Under President Biden’s leadership, Democrats are working to lower costs for working families while overseeing the biggest economic recovery in generations,” said American Bridge 21st Century President Jessica Floyd. “At American Bridge, we know that the way to win the midterms is to show the choice voters have–and uplifting real voices to tell that story. It is clear that Democrats are working to improve life for Americans, while Republicans are completely out of step with what voters care about – from rallying around Rick Scott’s plan to raise taxes on working people to pushing for cruel abortion bans all over the country. With a program like ours, voters will know exactly who is the best choice for their families come November. ”


Published: Apr 20, 2022 | Last Modified: Apr 21, 2022

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