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News Tuesday, May 23 2017

5 Must See Moments From Former CIA Director John Brennan’s Testimony

May 23, 2017

This morning, former CIA Director John Brennan testified before the House Intelligence Committee and confirmed he saw intelligence revealing contacts between Russian officials and individuals involved in the Trump campaign.

Watch that critical interaction and four other must see moments from this morning’s hearing:

  1. WATCH: Brennan saw intelligence revealing “interactions between Russian officials and US persons involved in the Trump campaign.”

“I encountered and am aware of information and intelligence that revealed contacts and interaction between Russian officials and US persons involved in the Trump campaign that I was concerned about because of known-Russian efforts to suborn such individuals and it raised questions in my mind, again, whether or not the Russians were able to gain the cooperation of those individuals.”

  1. WATCH: Brennan left office concerned Russians got US persons to work on their behalf. Called FBI investigation “well-founded.”

“By the time I left office on January 20th I had unresolved questions in my mind as to whether or not  the Russians had been successful in getting US persons, involved in the campaign or not, to work on their behalf. Again, either in a witting or unwitting fashion. And so therefore I felt as though the FBI investigation was certainly well-founded and needed to look into those issues.”

  1. WATCH: Trump campaign was told of Russian hacking last summer.

“ROONEY: With regard to hacking, when did you learn of the Russian hacking in the last election cycle? Roughly. BRENNAN: In the summer. ROONEY: And did you at that time notify both campaigns that you- or did somebody at the agency- or are you aware that both campaigns were notified at that time that there was an effort by the Russians to hack and influence the political campaign of last year? BRENNAN: I was aware that both campaigns were being contacted and notified about it.”

  1. WATCH: Brennan confirmed Russia preferred Donald Trump because he was “malleable.”

“They [Russians] felt that Mr. Trump being a bit of an outsider and that they have had in the past some good relations with businessmen who happen to elevate into positions of government authority and so felt as though from a negotiating standpoint that he might be more malleable toward them.”

  1. WATCH: Brennan says Russia’s attack on our election is attack on all Americans’ freedom and liberty.

“For the last 241 years this nation and its citizens have cherished the freedom and liberty that this nation was founded upon. Many, many Americans, great Americans, over the years have lost their lives to be able to protect that freedom and liberty. They’ve lost their lives also to protect the freedom and liberties of other countries. Our ability to chose our elected leaders as we see fit is, I believe, is an inalienable right that we must protect with all of our resources and all of our authority and power. And the fact that the Russians tried to influence that election so that the will of the American people was not going to be realized by that election, I find outrageous and something that we need to, with every last ounce of devotion to this country, resist.”

Published: May 23, 2017

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