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Ron Johnson Wednesday, Dec 22 2021

4 Years Ago: Ron Johnson Pushed Megadonors Tax Breaks

Dec 22, 2021

Four years ago this week, Ron Johnson delivered a big win for his billionaire campaign backers when Republicans in Congress passed the 2017 GOP tax law — a two trillion-dollar giveaway to big corporations and the richest Americans that did little to boost workers and the economy.

Johnson — who has doubled his estimated net worth since taking office in 2011 — seems to have “personally benefited” from changes he pushed to the tax law.

And Johnson likewise pursued changes to the tax law that delivered vast, hundred-million-dollar benefits to his billionaire campaign backers, as ProPublica reported earlier this year.

“Ron Johnson has always put himself and his corporate donors first in Congress, and we’re going to make sure he’s held accountable as he prepares to run for reelection,” said Brad Bainum, American Bridge 21st Century spokesperson.

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Published: Dec 22, 2021 | Last Modified: Jan 4, 2022

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