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News Wednesday, Sep 7 2016

175 Days Of Unprecedented Supreme Court Obstructionism From The GOP Senate

Sep 07, 2016

After a six week vacation, Senator Chuck Grassley is back in DC — and still refusing to do his job. This morning, the Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to hold a nomination hearing to confirm judicial nominees. One glaring omission from the docket? Judge Merrick Garland.

Senate Republicans have made headlines for months on their historic obstructionism and it has now been 175 days of unprecedented obstructionism on the Supreme Court vacancy, and Senate Republicans are STILL refusing to do their jobs.

With Chuck Grassley leading the charge, Senate Republicans are actively working to hold the Supreme Court vacancy open for a potential Donald Trump nominee. That’s right — Senate Republicans want the unhinged GOP nominee (who has made multiple racist attacks against judges) to choose the next Supreme Court justice. With judicial vacancies hitting crisis level since the GOP Senate took office and a majority of voters in favor of the Senate holding a hearing, Senate Republicans’ work to actively hold the Supreme Court seat open for a potential Trump nominee is shameful.

Published: Sep 7, 2016

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