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News Wednesday, Jun 28 2017

Gillespie Dodges on TrumpCare, Voters Unimpressed

Jun 28, 2017

After rubbing elbows in D.C. to pad his campaign coffers, Gillespie went to Main Street Alexandria to visit some small businesses.

What he must not have expected was getting questioned repeatedly by Virginia voters over his stalling on the dangerously destructive TrumpCare bill that would rip away insurance from over half a million Virginians.

American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement:

“Ed Gillespie is once again stalling on TrumpCare, a life and death issue for many, and voters are not impressed. Lobbyist Ed can’t lead a state if he doesn’t understand the real issues that Virginia families face and recognize that this cruel bill would be a disaster for Virginians’ pocketbooks and their health.”

Check out one of those conversations below… she doesn’t look too thrilled with Gillespie’s response.

[Click here to watch why this Virginia voter was unimpressed with Gillespie]

Washington Post: Gillespie, Republican vying to be Va. governor, grilled on health care in BBQ visit

Even in a quick stop at a barbecue joint in Alexandria, Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie found voters eager for views on his fellow Republicans who, a few miles away in the U.S. Capitol, are trying to overhaul health care.

“What do you think about the Senate health-care bill?” one woman asked as Gillespie finished chatting up the manager of Pork Barrel BBQ on Tuesday.

“Do you take a stand on Obamacare?” another woman asked after he greeted her a few minutes later.


Mary Lagnaoui said she realized Gillespie was at Pork Barrel after spotting a few protesters with crudely drawn signs outside the restaurant. She has been so consumed by health-care-related news that she felt compelled to go inside and get his thoughts.

“What about all the children in poverty that won’t have any health care or dental care?” the Alexandria resident politely asked him.

Gillespie used the question to hammer his key campaign message. “The key is can we get more affordable care? And I think my policies would do that, and the other thing we need to do to is we need more job creation,” he said. “We also have to create more opportunities and more jobs, and help people lift themselves out of poverty.”

Lagnaoui later told a reporter she wasn’t pleased by what she saw as Gillespie pivoting to job creation when lives were at stake.

“I am interested in Obamacare and everyone voicing their concerns,” Lagnaoui said. “It’s funny to hear it come up in a governor’s race, but I think it should be brought up in every race.”

Published: Jun 28, 2017

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