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Thursday, Mar 3 2016

Marco Rubio Has A Lot Of Experience…

Mar 03, 2016

…at playing hooky.

Marco Rubio has argued that he has foreign policy experience because he’s a member of the Senate Foreign Relations and Intelligence committees, which in turn, he says, have prepared him to lead the country. But Rubio skipped a whopping 60 percent of Foreign Relations committee hearings and 68 percent of all his committee hearings since 2011, in addition to missing over 87 percent of votes since the start of 2016. Even before he was running for president, Rubio racked up one of the worst voting records since 2011. And when first elected to the Florida legislature, Rubio fought for a “coveted” position on a select 9/11 committee, only to later skip out on many of the hearings. More recently, Rubio’s served as co-chair of a “Senate arms control task force” for which his office has accepted a yearly $100,000 reimbursement. The catch: the Rubio-chaired group has only met three times since 2013 — and not once since Republicans took control of the Senate in January 2015.

Rubio’s poor attendance record appears to be cause for concern among his constituents in his home state, with two new polls today showing him far behind Donald Trump. Of course, it doesn’t help that even his own surrogates can’t name a single accomplishment he’s had. Perhaps Rubio would have a better resume, if he’d spent more time doing his job?

For the most part, it seems Rubio prefers chasing Trump on the campaign trail to spending time representing his constituents in the Senate. But now, despite having barely won a single state, Rubio’s even been MIA on the campaign trail.

That’s been the recurring theme in Marco Rubio’s life — when the going gets tough, he stops showing up for work and disappears.

Published: Mar 3, 2016

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