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News Friday, Jun 2 2017

​Jobs Report Preview: 105,000+ Announced Layoffs Under Trump

Jun 02, 2017

Since Donald Trump took office on January 20th, American Bridge has been collecting and tabulating WARN notifications and TAA petitions to track announced layoffs and plant closings and jobs hurt by foreign trade under President Trump.

Last week, we crossed the threshold of 100,000 announced layoffs, and since then, ahead of this morning’s BLS jobs report, the figure has already jumped to 105,484 American workers set to lose their jobs since Trump took office.

American Vice President Shripal Shah released the following statement ahead of today’s jobs report:

“Trump is living up to his reputation as a lifelong con man, breaking the campaign promises he made to ‘bring back jobs’ for working families fighting to get ahead. Trump still hasn’t introduced a jobs plan or infrastructure bill, and he refuses to talk about the more than 105,000 workers whose jobs he’s failed to protect since since he took office.”

Trump’s Economy, By the Numbers (via; through 6/1/17)

Announced Layoffs:

Nationwide: 105,484

Ohio: 7,788

Indiana: 5,780

Florida: 5,265

Michigan: 4,397

Georgia: 3,397

New Jersey: 3,545

TAA Petitions: 15,469


Published: Jun 2, 2017

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