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News Wednesday, Mar 23 2016

Yes, Pat Toomey Is Still A Strict Obstructionist

Mar 23, 2016

Facing increasing pressure to #DoHisJob, Senator Pat Toomey has agreed to meet with Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland. Not so fast though: Toomey is still promising to block any vote — so why even bother to meet with Garland? “Out of courtesy and respect for both the president and the judge.”

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Where has “respect” and “courtesy” been for the past month? Constituents and local newspapers have pleaded with Toomey to fulfill his constitutional duty and help replace Justice Scalia. He refused again and again. Now, he’s attempting to trick voters into believing he’s doing his job with empty gestures.

Senator Toomey has no plans to consider Garland whether he meets with him or not — clearly, he’s holding out for a Trump nominee.

Published: Mar 23, 2016

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