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News Monday, Dec 28 2015

The Year Trump Took Over, Pt. 2: Trump's Discriminatory Policies

Dec 28, 2015

Year Trump Took Over

Though he ratcheted up the rhetoric more than anyone, Trump wasn’t the Republican field’s first anti-immigrant candidate to advocate anti-immigrant ideas. But the egregious anti-Muslim and anti-refugee policies that have saturated the GOP primary? Those are all his…

The disgraceful, fascist-tinged policies and rhetoric Trump’s influenced the field to adopt with respect to Muslims — both refugees and American citizens. No matter how offensive and discriminatory Trump gets, the rest of the field eagerly matches his every move — increasingly timid in their refusal to offer substantive criticism. Not one GOP candidate used the most recent debate to meaningfully criticize Trump’s proposed Muslim ban — very clearly living in fear of the 60% of GOP voters who support his proposal.

But there’s a more obvious reason they’ve refused to go beyond saying they “disagree” with his plan: Their own discriminatory proposals are equally rooted in xenophobic fear-mongering — this is the Party of Trump. Their Islamaphobia and calls for a “carpet-bombing” and a mass ground invasion of the Middle East do nothing to bolster U.S. national security — on the other hand, it plays right into ISIS’s hands and aids their recruitment efforts.

Despite how out of control things have gotten, each and every GOP candidate remains as pledged as ever to support a Trump nomination. This is the year Trump took over:

Published: Dec 28, 2015

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