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News Thursday, Nov 9 2017

In Their Own Words: Roy Moore "Will Make A Good Senator"

Nov 09, 2017

For weeks, Republicans have been singing Roy Moore’s praises, despite his long documented history of racism, bigotry, and sexism. Republicans own Roy Moore, his toxic beliefs, and his history of preying on underage women.

Watch Republicans praising Roy Moore:

Pat Toomey On Roy Moore Winning The Primary, “I Certainly Hope He Wins The General Election That’s Coming Up He Will Join Us.”  “I haven’t met Roy Moore I look forward to getting to know him I certainly hope he wins the general election that’s coming up and then he will join us, and hopefully he will be a productive member of the Senate.” [CNBC: Squawk Box, 9/27/17]

Kevin McCarthy On Roy Moore Winning In Alabama: “I Celebrate When A Republican Wins An Election.” KILMEADE: Are you concerned at all when Judge Moore wins that Senate run off they say he is more populist than a traditional conservative?  Do you think the republicans are going to be fighting within themselves come midterms in a year? MCCARTHY “I never get concerned. I celebrate when a republican wins an election. That is exciting.” [Fox News: Fox & Friends, 9/28/17]

Ron Johnson On Roy Moore’s Opinions And Winning The Primary, “Hopefully He Will Win And Be One More Cat In The Mix.” “You might have noticed in our our conference we already have a pretty broad spectrum of opinion and ideologies. So we’ve got a bunch of cats here, whoever comes in, and hopefully it will be a republican. Hopefully Judge Moore will win and he will be just one more cat in the mix.” [CNN: New Day, 9/27/17]

Mark Meadows On Roy Moore: “He’ll Make A Good Senator.” “He’ll make a good senator. I do believe that he’ll win in December and ultimately the people of Alabama will have a voice here on Capitol Hill. We need to turn Capitol Hill back to its rightful owner and that’s we the people.” [MSNBC: Morning Joe, 9/28/17]

Mike Lee On Endorsing Roy Moore, “I Do Agree With Roy Moore, Some Of The Critical Constitutional Issues” “Well look everybody comes to the Senate with their own agenda, their own interests. Judge Moore is someone who very much wants to drain the swamp, wants to shake things up in Washington. I don’t agree with him on every single issue but I do agree with Judge Moore, some of the critical constitutional issues. The need to restore federalism and separation of powers. The need to return to an era in which we respect the power of the sovereign states, and we don’t assume that every decision is a government decision and every government decision has to be made in Washington. I respect that about Judge Moore and I think he has a lot to offer in terms of restoring that constitutional conversation.” [Fox News: Fox & Friends, 10/31/17]

Richard Shelby On Supporting Roy Moore, “I’m Going To Support The Party And The Nominee, Happens To Be Roy Moore.” TUR: Do you believe he is fit to server besides you in the Senate. SHELBY: Well that’s up to the people of Alabama. I believe Roy Moore, I’ve known him a long time. He is the nominee of the Republican Party. Won it on the battlefield. I’m going to is support the winner, that’s Roy Moore. TUR: That’s not exactly praise from you, Senator. SHELBY: I’m going to support the party and the nominee, happens to be Roy Moore and we hope he’ll get to the Senate and work positively with the rest of the senators and the president. [MSNBC: MSNBC Live, 10/25/17]

Ben Carson: Roy Moore Is A Person Of “Values, Principles, Character.” “I’ve known him a long time and he’s a man who really believes in the Judeo-Christian foundation of our country, and that’s something that I strongly believe in too. And I think a lot about values, principles, character. I think those things are very very important.” (Washington, DC, 10/25/17)

Mark Meadows On Moore’s Controversial Past, “I’m Certainly Supporting Him And I’m Happy To Have Him In The Senate.” GEIST: You’re happy to have him in the Senate then? MEADOWS: I’m certainly supporting him and I’m happy to have him in the Senate, yes Willie” [MSNBC: Morning Joe, 9/28/17]

Richard Shelby On Supporting Roy Moore, “Well, Roy Moore Is Roy Moore. You Know, I Know Him Fairly Well. He’s Unique.”  “Well, Roy Moore is Roy Moore. You know well, I know him fairly well. He’s unique. He’s got a different agenda from a lot of us, but he hadn’t been — he hadn’t won the race yet. I believe he will in December. I support him because he’s the nominee of the party and I’m a republican and that’s what I’m about.”  [CNN: CNN Newsroom, 10/26/17]

Published: Nov 9, 2017

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