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Thursday, Jul 10 2014

Wisconsin Press Hammers Scott Walker Over Reports His Agency Rewarded Outsourcers

Jul 10, 2014

Scott Walker is making headlines across Wisconsin following a breaking news report by Madison’s WKOW yesterday that the economic development agency Walker created and chairs has given tax breaks to companies that ship Wisconsin jobs overseas.

The Associated Press has detailed the allegations against Walker’s Wisconsin Economic Development Corp (WEDC), and local CBS, ABC, and NBC affiliates from Madison to Green Bay to LaCrosse are pounding Walker as a result.

Scott Walker took the helm as governor promising that his plan to privatize economic development in Wisconsin would have new jobs flowing like wine. But the reality has been quite the opposite. Wisconsin job growth has been lagging far behind other states in the Midwest, and now Wisconsinites are learning that their tax money is going to companies that ship jobs overseas. WEDC’s response that it will continue to reward companies that ship Wisconsin jobs overseas is insulting to the people stuck suffering under Walker’s lagging economy.

The next shoe to drop? WKOW has just reported that the companies that outsourced jobs donated primarily to Walker’s campaign. Check out the coverage here, and stay tuned for more updates from American Bridge on this growing scandal:





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Published: Jul 10, 2014

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