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News Friday, Jun 24 2016

Where His Priorities Are: Rubio Holds A Fundraiser Before Any Public Campaign Events

Jun 24, 2016

If Florida voters want a chance to meet with their junior United States senator, they had better be ready to pony up some cash.

In a move befitting the career politician he is, Marco Rubio is kicking off his campaign for re-election not with a public rally, but with a private fundraiser on Sunday

Rubio reneged on his promise to not seek reelection, apparently “hates” the Senate, racked up one of the worst attendance records throughout his time in the Senate, missed 68% percent of committee hearings — which started long before he was running for president, even skipped a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing to announce his re-election bid in Washington, D.C. to national press, and is now making a dash for campaign cash before holding a public campaign event.

Marco has gone Washington and there is no going back.

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Published: Jun 24, 2016

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