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Monday, Aug 15 2016

What Ohioans Are Reading: Rob Portman Takes Heat With Donald Trump In His Backyard

Aug 15, 2016

Between explaining his support for trade deals that have shipped jobs overseas and benefit China and Mexico more than they do Ohio AND explaining his continued support for Donald Trump, Rob Portman is facing an increasingly tough reelection fight.  As Trump’s visits to Ohio become more and more frequent, Portman’s mealy-mouthed attempts to distance himself from the GOP’s xenophobic, sexist nominee become even less believable. 
Portman may not stand with Trump on stage at his rally today, but make no mistake — he’s stood by Trump as the GOP nominee has hurled insults and made shameful, unacceptable comments. Just last week, Portman reaffirmed his support for Trump even after Trump suggested violence against his political opponent. 
Kevin Necessary at WCPO put it best in his editorial cartoon last week. Here’s a taste of what Ohioans will see as Portman continues to put party over Ohio and align himself with Donald Trump: 
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Published: Aug 15, 2016

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