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Thursday, Jun 29 2017

WATCH: White House Spokesperson Won't Say Trump Is A Role Model For Her Kids

Jun 29, 2017

Asked about President Trump’s offensive tweets this morning, White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders flatly refused to call the President a role model or condone his actions as appropriate for her children.

“Its official, not even his own White House staff will say the President is a role model for their kids,” said American Bridge spokesperson Harrell Kirstein.

Sarah Sanders on Role Models, 6/29/17

Q: You have stood here and talked about your family from this podium, are you going to tell your kids this behavior is okay? 

Sanders: Look, I’ve been asked before when it comes to role models as a person of faith – um – I think we all have one perfect role model and when I am asked that question, I point to God, I point to my faith and that is where I would tell my kids to look. Um. None of us are perfect and certainly there is only one that is, and that’s where I would point that question. 


Published: Jun 29, 2017

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