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News Monday, Apr 25 2016

WATCH: Unpresidential Donald Trump Is Back (Not That He Ever Left)

Apr 25, 2016

Far from boring, but as unpresidential as ever. That sums up Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Warwick, Rhode Island, this afternoon. Trump was in his usual, childish form, calling Ted Cruz and John Kasich “weak” and “pathetic,” mocking protesters, and even ridiculing Kasich over his eating habits and decorum.

You can forget about the “new and improved” Donald Trump thing, the xenophobic frontrunner is as ill-equipped as ever to be commander-in-chief :

VIDEO: Trump mocks John Kasich’s eating: “I have never seen a human being eat in such a disgusting fashion…This guy takes a pancake and he’s shoving it in his mouth…it’s disgusting.”

VIDEO: “I was happy [that Cruz and Kasich teamed up], because it shows how weak they are — how pathetic they are.”

VIDEO: Trump supporters laugh when he sarcastically tells them “we have to be very gentle” to a protester.

VIDEO: “The press, the media — the most dishonest people in the world…probably more dishonest than Lyin’ Ted Cruz — that’s a lot.”

VIDEO: Trump says, “Folks. Don’t even think about it. It will be built,” as the crowd chants, “Build that Wall.” 

Published: Apr 25, 2016

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