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News Thursday, Aug 4 2016

WATCH: Trump Train Plunges Off The Tracks

Aug 04, 2016

The Trump Train is coming off the rails. As Trump’s support craters and prominent GOP voices–though, notably, no vulnerable candidates up for reelection–continue to distance themselves from the GOP nominee, a cursory glance at what 24 hours on the Trump Train looks like demonstrates why:
  • In a Washington Post interview, Trump wouldn’t endorse House Speaker Paul Ryan against his primary challenger.
  • Trump claimed Russia “isn’t in Ukraine” though they’ve occupied Crimea and Russian troops are active in areas of eastern Ukraine. 
  • Trump mused that he “always wanted a Purple Heart”, but having one gifted to him was “much easier”. 
  • Trump’s staff is in disarray and Paul Manafort is “mailing it in”. 
  • Trump said women should find a different career path if sexually harassed
  • He accused Khizr Khan of being “bothered” by Trump’s “plan” to keep terrorists from coming to the United States. Trump also claimed that he had no regrets about going after the Khan family.
  • He picked a fight with a baby…

Published: Aug 4, 2016

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