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Friday, Jan 15 2016

WATCH: The Rumble Of Grumbles: Debate Edition

Jan 15, 2016

Rock bottom just keeps getting lower and lower.

When they weren’t throwing punches last night, the Republicans were stumbling through Fox Business’s softball (at best) questions.

Every candidate made sure to fly their Trump flag high, pushing discriminatory and xenophobic policies. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio attempted to lead on foreign policy, only to show the GOP’s shallow understanding of ISIS and Iran. In the end, with only backwards and failed ideas on earned benefits or taxes, the field once again made it clear the Republicans are the party of the one-percent.

Last night’s debate was exactly what we expected: policy-light, fearmongering and infighting-heavy.

Watch American Bridge’s re-cap here:

Published: Jan 15, 2016

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