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Friday, Oct 7 2016

WATCH: New American Bridge Digital Ad "Congressman Joe Heck's Debatable Judgement"

Oct 07, 2016

No matter which Donald Trump shows up at Sunday night’s town hall in St. Louis, there’s no recovering from his botch job at last week’s debate. Trump’s fat shaming women, admitting he’d never paid taxes, and insulting veterans with PTSD — yet, vulnerable GOP Senate candidate Joe Heck is still fully embracing the Party of Trump.

“No amount of debate prep can help Donald Trump. With his toddler-level temperament on full display, it’s clear he’s unfit to be Commander in Chief. Trump continues to make a fool of his party, raising levels of racism and sexism in American presidential politics more fit for the 1950s than the 21st century,” said American Bridge President Jessica Mackler.

“Everyday, Trump further proves what voters already know: he can’t be allowed anywhere near the nuclear codes. Yet, Congressman Joe Heck and Washington Republicans are ready to hand over the keys, giving their stamp of approval to his erratic behavior and dangerous foreign and economic agenda. If Heck is voting for Trump, Nevada voters should reconsider whether we can trust the senator’s own judgement in the U.S. Senate.”

“Trump’s approach to climate change – and brazen lie about his past statements on the debate stage – shows just how unfit he is for office,” said LCV Victory Fund National Campaigns Director Clay Schroers. “On top of that, his dishonest points come straight from Big Polluters, and are a threat to the clean air and water Nevada depends on. Voters should indeed be worried that Rep. Heck will support his unreasonable agenda in the White House.”

Watch the new digital ad by American Bridge, with the support of LCV Victory Fund: 

Published: Oct 7, 2016

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