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Thursday, Mar 3 2016

Watch John McCain Say He Will Support GOP Nominee Again And Again

Mar 03, 2016

John McCain: I share the concerns about Donald Trump that my friend and former Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, described in his speech today. I would also echo the many concerns about Mr. Trump’s uninformed and indeed dangerousstatements on national security issues that have been raised by 65 Republican defense and foreign policy leaders.”

McCain: I’ve always said I support the nominee.
NPR: Even if it’s Donald Trump?
McCain: Hello? I said I support. The. Nominee.

Major Garrett: Would you be willing to at the appropriate time, endorse the Republican nominee whomever it is?
McCain: Sure.
Garrett: Donald Trump? Ted Cruz?
McCain: Yep. Yep.

Anchor: You just said you would support whoever the Republican nominee is.
McCain: Sure. I’m a loyal Republican.
Anchor: Including Donald Trump? You’d support him?
McCain: Oh yeah. Oh yeah.

Published: Mar 3, 2016

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