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Thursday, Sep 1 2016

WATCH: Grassley Flips Again, Confirms He'll Continue SCOTUS Obstruction Back In DC

Sep 01, 2016

As chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Chuck Grassley has been at the forefront of the Republican Senate’s refusal to do their job and fill the Supreme Court vacancy. Grassley has been firm in his opposition to confirming President Obama’s nominee while working behind the scenes to hold the seat open for a potential Trump nominee. 

Grassley’s shameful, partisan obstructionism has cost him in polls, and as he’s now facing the toughest race of his career, he panicked last week and told voters in Iowa who are unhappy with his refusal to do his job that he’d be open to holding hearings to confirm Merrick Garland. Now that Congress is getting ready to head back to DC, Grassley is back on Team McConnell doubling down on his obstructionism.

Despite trying to have it both ways in front of Iowa voters, Grassley confirmed what we already knew — he’s committed to partisan obstructionism and will continue to work to hold the Supreme Court seat open for a potential Trump nominee. 
WATCH Grassley confirm he’ll continue to refuse to do his job below: 

Published: Sep 1, 2016

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