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News Tuesday, Nov 10 2015

WATCH: American Bridge Debate Preview — The GOP's Regressive Tax Plans

Nov 10, 2015

How Would The Middle Class Fare Under GOP Tax Plans

Since the last debate the GOP field’s stressed it wants to have a substantive dialogue about “pocketbook issues.” With that in mind, and tonight’s debate on Fox Business, we’re hoping the candidates will be ready to get into the details of their regressive tax plans that disproportionately benefit the wealthy few.

In our latest debate preview video, “War Room Huddle: The GOP’s Regressive Tax Plans,” American Bridge’s Jessica Mackler and Eddie Vale break down Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, and the rest of the field’s tax proposals that are a boon to the after-tax incomes of billionaire donors like the Koch brothers, but leave American middle class families high and dry.

Published: Nov 10, 2015

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