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News Thursday, Mar 9 2017

WATCH: 4 Times Pence Wont Back Trump on Bizarre Wire Tapping Conspiracy

Mar 09, 2017

Donald Trump’s is losing credibility even with his own Vice President. Asked four separate times, Mike Pence refused to backup Donald Trump’s baseless accusation that Trump Tower was wire tapped during the election, instead repeating prepared talking points and dodging the question.

Watch here:
Pence: “I have certainly seen the press reporting about activities and president Donald Trump and I are confident that the congressional committees that are reviewing this will look at that in a bipartisan and a fair way. That and other issues but make no mistake, president Donald Trump are completely focused on the future.”  [WFTV-ORD (ABC), 3/8/17]

And here:
Pence: “Well, I’ve seen the press accounts of that, and I’m very confident along with the President and that the congressional committees reviewing all of these matters, regarding last year’s election will do that in a bipartisan and fair minded way. We look forward to looking at that issue, and looking at any other issues that have been raised….”  [WPGH-PIT (FOX), 3/8/17]

Also here:
Pence: “What I can say is that the President, our administration, are  very confident that the congressional committees in the House and Senate that are examining issues surrounding the last election will do that in a thorough and equitable way. They will look at those issues and let the other issues that have been raised. Rest assured, our focus is right where the American people are focused. That is on bringing more jobs here to Ohio and creating a better healthcare system on consumer choice.” [WEWS-CLE (ABC), 3/8/17]

And finally here:
Pence: “Let me say President Trump and I are confidence that the bipartisan committees in congress that are looking at any issues last year raised in the media will do their job, do it thoroughly and fairly. We anticipate those outcomes. I can tell you that the president and I and our entire administration are completely focused on making sure the country is safe and secure, on creating jobs.” [WJLA-DC (ABC), 3/8/17]

Published: Mar 9, 2017

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