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News Friday, Sep 7 2018

Washington Republicans Hypocritically Attack Polis When Walker Stapleton Has a Cayman Islands Bank Account and Tried to Hide $30,000 in Income

Sep 07, 2018

Washington Republicans launched a misleading new attack ad in the Colorado Governor’s race yesterday. In criticizing Democratic candidate Jared Polis with false attacks, Washington Republicans forgot to do their homework on their own candidate for Governor, Connecticut blueblood Walker Stapleton. In the desperate and breathless ad, Washington Republicans ignored the fact that Walker Stapleton himself has a bank account in the Cayman Islands. They also forgot to mention that Stapleton got caught omitting $30,000 of income from his disclosure form and said releasing his tax returns is “stupid and dumb.”

“Washington Republicans are hypocritically attacking Jared Polis while ignoring the fact that their own candidate for Governor, Walker Stapleton, has a bank account in the Cayman Islands and got caught trying to hide thousands of dollars in income,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “If Washington Republicans want to have a conversation about out-of-touch candidates, they should start with Walker Stapleton, who tried to frame one of his nannies because he couldn’t keep track of stuff in his mansion.”

The Facts:

Colorado Independent HEADLINE: Stapleton Left Blind Trust Out Of His Public Financial Disclosure. [Colorado Independent, 5/25/18]

In A Second Financial Reporting Lapse, Stapleton Omits $30,000 Of His Wife’s Income On His Disclosure Form. According to Colorado Times Recorder, “In a second reporting lapse on a personal financial statement required for his campaign for governor, Colorado Treasurer Walker Stapleton failed to disclose $30,000 in income from his wife’s job at the Harmes C. Fishback Foundation, which is Stapleton’s family’s foundation. Colorado law requires state candidates to report not only their own personal financial information, including sources of income and assets, but also that of their ‘spouse.’ Jenna Stapleton, Walker Stapleton’s wife, is listed on tax documents as the ‘executive director’ of the Fishback Foundation since 2011. Her address on the tax form matches that of Walker Stapleton. In 2016, she earned $30,000 for working 15 hours per week; in 2011, she earned $25,000 for 10 hours of weekly work as a ‘co-trustee.’ Walker Stapleton omitted Jenna Stapleton’s income not only in his 2017 disclosure for the governor’s race and the last month’s updated version, but it’s also not listed on his 2012 financial disclosure form, which was an update from the 2011 form, and on subsequent updates. Stapleton’s latest disclosure lists 12 sources of income, but the Fishback Foundation is not one of them.” [Colorado Times Recorder, 6/6/18]

Stapleton Listed Brightline Capital Partners As Both An Asset And A Source Of Income In His 2017 Financial Disclosure

Brightline Capital Partners Was Listed As Income On Stapleton’s 2017 Financial Disclosure Records.
[Colorado Secretary of State, Personal Financial Disclosure Statement, “Walker Stapleton,” 10/6/17]

Stapleton Also Listed The Company Under His Personal Assets
[Colorado Secretary of State, Personal Financial Disclosure Statement, “Walker Stapleton,” 10/6/17]
Brightline Capital Partners LP Is Owned By The Stapletons And Is Registered Under Brightline Capital Management LLC

In 2008 SEC Filings, Brightline Capital Management, LLC And Brightline Capital Partners, LP Are Listed As The Same Entity With The Same Address.

[United States Securities and Exchange Commission, Schedule 13G, Filed 4/10/08]

Brightline Capital Management LLC Is Registered At 55 Old Field Point Road, Greenwich, Connecticut 06830

In Its Most Recent Filing, Brightline Capital Management LLC Lists Its Business Address As 55 Old Field Point Road, Greenwich, CT 06830.

[United States Securities and Exchange Commission, Form 13F, Filed 8/10/18]

Brightline Capital Holds An Offshore Fund In The Cayman Islands

Brightline Capital Offshore Fund, Ltd. Has Been Active Since 2005

[Cayman Island General Registry Search, Accessed 8/15/18]
The Fund’s SEC Filings List The Executive Officer’s Address As Brightline Capital Management LLC, 55 Old Field Point Road, Greenwich, Connecticut 06830.

[U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Form D, Notice of Exempt Offering of Securities, Filed 1/23/18]

2018: Stapleton Dismissed The Idea That His Tax Returns Would Reveal Something Significant As “Stupid And Dumb”

Stapleton Refuted The Idea That Releasing Tax Returns Could Illuminate Something Significant As “Stupid And Dumb”

Stapleton Dismissed The Idea That Tax Documents Would Contain Anything Important As “Stupid And Dumb,” Claiming That Political “Enemies” Are The Only People Who Care About What His Tax Returns Would Reveal. According to Colorado Independent, “‘I’m happy to release my tax returns but not from what’s in the blind trust because that violates the spirit of setting up the trust to begin with,’ Stapleton said in an interview. A Stapleton spokesman jumped in to add that the campaign isn’t prepared to say what it would and wouldn’t release. Stapleton, who has trained most of his fire on Polis throughout his campaign, said he is not interested in seeing what’s in his rival’s returns. Responding to the idea that releasing tax returns before an election could illuminate something important, Stapleton said, ‘I think that’s stupid and dumb and the only people that care about that are political enemies trying to savage somebody for something.’” [Colorado Independent, 5/21/18]

Published: Sep 7, 2018

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