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AB Leadership Tuesday, Apr 12 2011

Washington Post: Adapting to campaign-finance rulings, Democrats build big-spending network

Apr 12, 2011

[A]s Democratic activists finalize plans for an entirely new political infrastructure in 2012. A network of liberal groups formed in recent weeks is poised to spend $200 million or more in support of President Obama and other Democrats, in large part by raising unlimited donations from wealthy donors.


The new Democratic strategy centers on building a network of such groups focused separately on the presidential race, Senate contests and opposition research. Another piece of the puzzle is expected to fall into place this week with the formation of a group to aid Democratic candidates in the House.


The Democratic-leaning groups announced so far have an assortment of anodyne names: House Majority PAC; Majority PAC, which will focus on the Senate; and American Bridge 21st Century, which had to lengthen its initial title to avoid confusion with a construction firm.

American Bridge was founded by David Brock, the conservative-turned-liberal activist who heads the Media Matters advocacy group. The group will focus on gathering and disseminating information about Republican opponents, with a “phase one” budget of about $10 million with room to grow much larger later on, sources said.

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Published: Apr 12, 2011

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