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Wednesday, Aug 29 2018

Walker Stapleton Compares KKK-Grandfather to John McCain

Aug 29, 2018

Listen to Stapleton’s bizarre interview


Yesterday Connecticut blueblood Walker Stapleton was asked by a talk radio host about recent stories regarding Stapleton’s family ties to the KKK. Instead of simply denouncing his grandfather’s membership in the KKK, Stapleton, who previously ran on his grandfather’s record, responded by bizarrely comparing attacks on his grandfather for being a member of the KKK to attacks on Senator John McCain. Yes, he really did that.

“Walker Stapleton’s comparison of his grandfather who was in the KKK to John McCain is bizarre and insulting to McCain’s legacy,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “It shouldn’t be this hard for Walker Stapleton to denounce his family ties to the KKK. But instead of just apologizing for his family ties to the Klan, Walker Stapleton embraced his family’s legacy until it was no longer convenient and is now tarring John McCain’s legacy by comparing him to Stapleton’s KKK-member grandfather.”

Published: Aug 29, 2018

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