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Wednesday, Jun 15 2016

Vulnerable GOP Senators Wake Up To Trump Nightmare

Jun 15, 2016

As Donald Trump continues his racist, xenophobic and shocking tirades on the campaign trail, Senate Republicans are starting to wake up to their impending November nightmare. Trump has made his fair share of shocking, insulting and offensive comments, but this week, his suggestion that President Obama is sympathetic to terrorists crystallized to Senate Republicans just how much trouble they’re in come November.

Instead of denouncing Trump after his latest round of offensive comments, GOP senators have taken to literally running away from reporters. Here’s a hint to Senate Republicans — you can refuse to say his name and run all you want, but your blind support of the GOP nominee will cost you at the ballot box in November.

See more on the Senate GOP nightmare below:

Senate Republicans have tried to work with Donald Trump. They’ve offered gentle advice and firm guidance, hoping he’ll morph into a general election candidate who won’t kill their chances of keeping the Senate, or better yet, will give Hillary Clinton a run for her money.

None of it has worked. And now a palpable mix of despair and resignation has permeated the Senate Republican Conference. Many lawmakers are openly frustrated, and refusing to defend the comments and actions of their own standard-bearer, the man they’ve endorsed for president.

Just because you have to walk past reporters to get places in the Capitol doesn’t mean you have to answer their questions.

There’s always the “I’m on the phone” method — whether or not there’s someone on the other line is irrelevant.

Senators-only elevators are good hideouts — until the doors open again.

But the best way is simply to move quickly.

Sen. Kelly Ayotte, a vulnerable Republican facing a tough re-election battle in New Hampshire, has gotten pretty good at one important part — walking briskly past reporters and pretending not to hear anything. She added to that Tuesday, when her staff stepped between her and a reporter to say she would not be commenting on Trump.

Published: Jun 15, 2016

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