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News Monday, Nov 16 2015

Vitter's "Hands-On" Approach Not Working: DC Madam Calls, Missed Syria Hearings

Nov 16, 2015

David Vitter wants to talk foreign affairs? We wouldn’t recommend that if we were on his team:
1. Vitter missed a hearing on biological warfare on the same day he was on the phone with the DC Madam.

2. Vitter missed every Senate Armed Service Committee Hearing on Syria.
Probably not the “hands on” approach Vitter was referring to. Whether it’s Vitter’s Senate record or his phone records, one thing is clear: Louisiana can’t trust David Vitter. 

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Bob Mann Blog: Vitter absent from all U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee hearings on Syria, 2012-14

Published: Nov 16, 2015

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