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News Tuesday, Nov 17 2015

Vitter Skipped Syria Hearings, Biological Warfare Hearing

Nov 17, 2015

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For immediate release:
November 16th, 2015


 Vitter Skipped Syria Hearings, Biological Warfare Hearing


American Bridge 21st Century Communications Director Ben Ray released the following statement in response to Vitter’s statement on Syria in tonight’s Louisiana governor’s debate:


“While David Vitter is posturing about Syria, he doesn’t want you to know about his lack of attendance on Syria hearings or that he missed a hearing on biological warfare on the same day he called the DC Madam prostitute service. Named one of the least effective members of the Senate, it’s clear: Louisiana can’t trust David Vitter  — he’s too busy chasing call girls and lying to Louisiana.”

Published: Nov 17, 2015

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