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News Tuesday, Feb 9 2016

VIDEO: A Cardboard MarcoBot's Rough-And-Tumble Life On The Trail

Feb 09, 2016

Please see the below video for a taste of American Bridge’s Marco Roboto and the Rubio Talking Point 3000’s rough-and-tumble life on the campaign trail.

Exercising his First Amendment rights to free speech and assembly at a public Marco Rubio campaign event, The Talking Point 3000 was swarmed and surrounded by Rubio supporters (and staff). Forcibly sandwiched between two “New Hampshire is Marco Rubio Country” barn signs, American Bridge’s friendly, colander-clad robot was then forcefully knocked to the ground.

But undeterred, The Talking Point 3000 sprung back up, like a (robotic) phoenix from the ashes of his former self, and continued to cheer on his fellow machine, Marco RubioBot, with the highest of energy.

Watch the video here:

Published: Feb 9, 2016

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