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AB Leadership Thursday, Nov 17 2011

USA Today: Bachmann, Democrats take shots at Gingrich

Nov 17, 2011

On November 17, 2011, USA Today reported:

American Bridge 21st Century, a Democratic organization, has a new video out today that compiles some of Gingrich’s past statements about Fannie and Freddie with clips of more recent coverage.

Among other things, the video takes Gingrich to task for his comment at a recent GOP presidential debate that he advised Freddie Mac as a “historian.” (Note the clip of Stu Rothenberg, an independent political analyst, saying in an MSNBC interview that it wasn’t like Gingrich was advising the company about the Peloponnesian War.)

In a key point, the Democratic video notes Gingrich previously suggested that members of Congress should give back campaign donations from Fannie and Freddie executives and employees.

“So … will he return his money?” the video asks of Gingrich.

Read the whole article here.

Published: Nov 17, 2011

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