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Mike Davis

Mike Davis spent years in the Senate pushing through extreme judicial nominees, and he could be coming to Trump’s next administration. With Davis’ history of denigrating immigrants and attacking democracy, he would fit right in as Trump’s potential attorney general.

Mike Davis and Racism

Mike Davis Made Racist Remarks 

Davis Said There Was a “Violent Black Underclass” In America 

Davis Referred To The “Violent Black Underclass.” According to the Independent (UK), “Mike Davis, formerly chief counsel for nominations under Senator Chuck Grassley, has posted several tweets since August of 2023 fuming about what he referred to as a ‘violent Black underclass’ in America. That ‘underclass’, he insists in the tweets, is being protected and grown by the Democratic Party. The tweets frequently accompany or quote-tweet videos depicting images of mass retail theft, fights between students in high schools, or other media generally depicting Black youth as violent.” [Independent (UK), 10/2/23]

Davis Commented On A Video Of Black Teenagers Fighting Saying, “These Monsters Will Kill.” According to the Independent (UK), “He went further in one instance, using dehumanising language to describe a group of Black teenagers seen fighting in a video another Twitter user had posted: ‘These monsters will kill.’” [Independent (UK), 10/2/23]

Davis Said Black Americans Lived In “Third-World Marxist Hellholes” 

Davis Described Black Americans As Living In “Third-World Marxist Hellholes.” According to the Independent (UK), “Mr Davis, contacted by The Independent on Monday, stood by his language, explaining on a phone call that what he saw as a ‘violent Black underclass’ was a threat to American society and in particular Black Americans, who he described as living in ‘third-world Marxist hellholes’. He now serves as president of the Article III Project, a GOP-leaning group that supports conservative judges.” [Independent (UK), 10/2/23

Davis Said Asking Potential Judges About Brown v. Board Of Education Was “Gutter Politics” 

Davis Said Asking Judicial Nominees Their Position On Brown v. Board Of Education “Gutter Politics.” According to Joe Patrice at Above the Law, “But Michael Davis, last seen bragging to the press about all the people he fired so he could clerk for Gorsuch, doesn’t think it’s right that people ask Trump’s nominees about Brown. In his role as chief counsel for nominations on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Davis took questions over the phone from advocacy groups in Iowa earlier this month, giving us his earnest thoughts on raising Brown v. Board at hearings: ‘I think it’s cheap political games and cheap racial politics going on with the Brown v. Board of Education discussion . . . It is gutter politics that should not be involved with judicial nominations.’” [Joe Patrice, Above the Law, 5/10/18

  • School Desegregation, The Issue Brown vs. Board Was Concerned With, Was Still Taking Place. According to Joe Patrice at Above the Law, “It strikes me that there’s really no reason why asking a judicial nominee about one of the most famous opinions of all time would constitute ‘politics’ of any sort. Is it because Davis feels the issue is so well-settled as to be irrelevant? There’s a school district in Mississippi that only desegregated last year. It would seem that this is very much a live legal issue.” [Joe Patrice, Above the Law, 5/10/18

Mike Davis and January 6 and Democracy

Davis Was Not A Fan Of Democracy 

Davis Said, “I Don’t Like Democracy” 

Davis: “I Don’t Like Democracy.” According to Media Matters, “[MIKE DAVIS] I’m going to be Trump’s viceroy of D.C. because I don’t like democracy. I want more authoritory — authoritory powers.” [Media Matters, 3/27/24

Davis Said He Would Pardon Every January 6 Defendant 

VIDEO: Davis Said Every January 6 Defendant Would Be Pardoned. According to the Benny Show via YouTube, “DAVIS: And list number five, I’m gonna recommend a lot of pardons. Every January 6th defendant is gonna get a pardon, especially my hero horn man. He is definitely at the top of the pardon list.” [The Benny Show via YouTube, 9/29/23]

Mike Davis and Immigration

Davis Pushed For Harsh And Dehumanizing Immigration Policies

Davis Said He Would Deport 10 Million People, Including “Anchor Babies” 

VIDEO: Davis Said That He Would Deport 10 Million People, Including “Anchor Babies,” If He Was Attorney General. According to the Benny Show via YouTube, “DAVIS: But during my three-week reign of terror as Trump acting attorney general before I get chased out of town with my Trump pardon, I will rain hell on Washington, D.C. […] Number three, we’re gonna deport. We’re gonna deport a lot of people, 10 million people and growing, anchor babies, their parents, their grandparents.” [The Benny Show via YouTube, 9/29/23]

Davis Said He Would “Put Kids In Cages,” Saying It Was Going To Be “Glorious”

VIDEO: Davis Said He Would “Put Kids In Cages” And It Would Be “Glorious.” According to the Benny Show via YouTube, “DAVIS: We’re gonna put kids in cages. It’s gonna be glorious.” [The Benny Show via YouTube, 9/29/23

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