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Karoline Leavitt

One of Trump’s top sycophantic mouthpieces, Karoline Leavitt, could be following him to the White House if he wins a second term. Before she became Trump’s spokesperson, Leavitt ran for Congress in New Hampshire on an anti-abortion, anti-democracy, anti-Social Security, and anti-Affordable Care Act platform. There is no doubt she would bring those same views to another Trump administration

Karoline Leavitt and Abortion

Leavitt Opposed Roe v. Wade

Leavitt Touted The Overturning Of Roe V. Wade

AUDIO: Leavitt Praised The Overturning Of Roe v. Wade. According to Good Morning New Hampshire via Soundcloud, “LEAVITT: The overturning of Roe v. Wade just returns more power to the people of New Hampshire. It allows our state legislators to pass and govern laws on the issue of abortion as they just did in the recent budget, as you mention Jack, with the 24-week ban. [Good Morning New Hampshire via Soundcloud, 5/10/22]

Leavitt Praised Trump’s Supreme Court Picks Who Voted To Overturn Roe v. Wade

Leavitt Celebrated Trump’s Supreme Court Nominees. According to a tweet from Karoline Leavitt, “ I remember watching the White House Press Corps Spiral over ACB’s ‘perfect’ confirmation like it was yesterday. Never forget that thanks to President Trump, we have THREE conservative Supreme Court Justices.” [Twitter, @kleavittnh, 10/13/21]

Leavitt Supported New Hampshire’s Abortion Ban

Leavitt Supported Expanding New Hampshire’s 24-Week Abortion Ban

VIDEO: Leavitt Said She Hoped Lawmakers In New Hampshire Would Expand The State’s 24-Week Abortion Ban. According to WMUR via YouTube, “LEAVITT: Now in our recent budget, as everyone at home watching knows, we passed a 24-week ban on abortion. Personally, I’d like to see that taken a step farther. But I believe in the Constitution and I believe in the Supreme Court’s decision and I hope that we will elect pro-life legislators to the State House in Concord to make those decisions for the people here. [WMUR via YouTube, 9/6/22]

Leavitt Called To Defund Planned Parenthood

Leavitt Supported Defunding Planned Parenthood

AUDIO: Leavitt: “We Should Defund Planned Parenthood.” According to Good Morning New Hampshire via Soundcloud, “HOST: The executive council, this week by a four to one vote, voted not to accept millions of dollars in federal funding for Planned Parenthood. Do you agree or not agree with that vote? LEAVITT: I absolutely agree with that vote. Thank you to the executive council for making it. And I would like to point out one of my opponents in this race, actually, Russell Prescott, who is a former executive councilor, did vote in favor in his time for accepting money from Planned Parenthood. I think that’s egregious. We should defund Planned Parenthood and we should also protect life at all costs. I’m a pro-life candidate. Always will be. Always have been.” [Good Morning New Hampshire via Soundcloud, 7/30/22]

Karoline Leavitt and January 6 and Democracy

Leavitt Suggested The 2020 Election Was Stolen From Trump

Leavitt Touted The Theory That The 2020 Election Was Stolen From Trump

Leavitt Said She Had Been Vocal About Her Beliefs That There Was Widespread Fraud In The 2020 Election. According to the Conway Daily Sun, “LEAVITT: I have been very vocal about the fact that I believe there were widespread irregularities and fraud that occurred in the 2020 election.” [Conway Daily Sun, 6/29/22]

Leavitt Said The January 6 Protesters Were “Peaceful”

Leavitt Said That The Protestors On January 6 Were “Peaceful”

VIDEO: Leavitt Decried What She Called “Peaceful Protesters On January 6th” Being Thrown In Jail For Years. According to One America News via YouTube, “LEAVITT: The Biden Department of Justice is a two-tier justice system in Washington, D.C. If you were a peaceful protester on January 6th, who committed nonviolent crimes, you are going to jail at the helm of this Department of Justice for years. But if you’re a powerful Democrat attorney, like Sussman, who represents Hilary Clinton and helped orchestrate, by the way, the greatest political scandal in American history against former president, my former boss, Donald Trump, then you get off scotch free.” [One America News via YouTube, 5/31/22

Karoline Leavitt and Social Safety Net Programs

Leavitt Wanted To Change Social Security From Its Current Form

Leavitt Supported privatizing Social Security

VIDEO: Leavitt Said She Would Be Interested In Writing The Legislation To Privatize Social Security When She Was Elected To Congress. According to WMUR via YouTube, “SEXTON: Do you believe Social Security should be privatized? LEAVITT: I do believe that eventually we are going to need to find solutions to the problem of Social Security. […] And the privatization of Social Security, while grandfathering in those who have already paid into the system, including myself, I think is a solution that should be looked at very closely and I would certainly be interested in proposing legislation to do that when I get to Congress.” [WMUR via YouTube, 1/23/22]

Leavitt Expressed Support For Raising The Social Security Retirement Age

VIDEO: Leavitt Expressed Support For Raising The Retirement Age. According to WMUR via YouTube, “LEAVITT: There is so much spending in Washington, D.C. that we can slash before looking at Social Security. We perhaps could increase the age to maintain the program, like I said, then later grandfather Americans into it.” [WMUR via YouTube, 1/23/22

Leavitt Opposed The Affordable Care Act

Leavitt Wanted To Repeal The Affordable Care Act

AUDIO: Leavitt Said That Obamacare Should “Absolutely” Be Repealed. According to the Government Integrity Project via YouTube, “QUESTION: My problem is the whole health care system, for me. And now I have three children and it’s just insurmountable, like what, what is the plan? LEAVITT: Absolutely, well first, we should absolutely repeal Obamacare. One hundred percent.” [Government Integrity Project via YouTube, 7/14/22]


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