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Trump’s Policy Advisors

Who Are Trump’s Policy Advisors?

Donald Trump’s policy advisors are dead-set on damaging our economy, health, security, and rights. Another Trump term would enable these dangerous people.

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Trump Advisor

Stephen Moore

Stephen Moore, who was once deemed too controversial for an appointment for the Federal Reserve, is back and he has Trump’s ear.


Trump Policy Advisor; Potential Administration Official

Stephen Miller

Stephen Miller is perhaps best known for enabling Trump’s worst tendencies on immigration during his first term. He may be back and do even more damage.


Former Trump Administration Official

Kash Patel

Kash Patel might be making a return to another Trump administration.


Former Director Of The Office Of Management And Budget

Russell Vought

Russell Vought made his mark on the first Trump administration and he could return in the next administration.

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Policy Advisor, Potential Administration Hire

Robert Lighthizer

Robert Lighthizer, Trump’s former trade representative who was best known for starting a harmful trade war, could be making his return to a second Trump administration.

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Former Acting Director of National Intelligence; Trump Advisor And Potential Administration Hire

Ric Grenell

Donald Trump already refers to Ric Grenell as his “envoy,” despite neither of them being in office. If Trump is re-elected, he and Grenell will spread danger around the globe. Grenell, like Trump, tends to favor autocratic leaders, which makes sense since he’s favored efforts by Trump to delegitimize American democracy.


Preparation For The Next Trump Term

Project 2025

Project 2025 has been the culmination of work by the Heritage Foundation and other conservative groups to lay the groundwork for a second Trump term.

rick grenell

Former Trump Economic Advisor

Larry Kudlow

Larry Kudlow did enough damage during Trump’s first term, but he may be making a return in a second Trump administration.

John McEntee

Former Trump White House Official; Project 2025 Staffer

John McEntee

John McEntee was a former Trump staffer and current Project 2025 staffer who could be making his way back to the White House in a second Trump term. McEntee left the first Trump administration in disgrace over issues with his security clearance. Since then, he’s been working with Project 2025 to push Trump to enact an extreme agenda in a second term.

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