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Friday, May 5 2017

Trump's Economy: Nearly 80,000 Announced Mass-Layoffs So Far

May 05, 2017

A new jobs report means the latest numbers from American Bridge’s, where we continue to provide daily updates on the nearly 80,000 announced mass-layoffs since Donald Trump took office.
106 days into his term, President Trump isn’t focused on helping America’s working people. Trump is instead focused on giving away hundreds of billions in tax cuts to the wealthiest few via TrumpCare. And he’s eagerly cheering on the House of Representatives as it rolls back Dodd-Frank’s consumer protections against Wall Street and predatory big banks.
But where’s the jobs plan? What happened to the promised infrastructure bill? Trump keeps helping his billionaire friends and big money special interest donors, but he’s done nothing to create American jobs.
American Bridge Vice President Shripal Shah released the following statement ahead of today’s jobs report:
“Trump has done nothing to protect or create good-paying jobs, but everything to enrich himself and the top 1%. From gutting healthcare coverage for millions, to giving Wall Street free rein to exploit consumers, Trump and congressional Republicans are working towards only one goal: selling out the country to lobbyists, big banks, and the wealthy.” 
Announced layoffs under President Trump…

  • Nationally: 79,472
  • in Ohio: 6,688
  • in Michigan: 3,693
  • in Florida: 4,437
  • in Indiana: 3,265
  • in Georgia: 2,906
  • in New Jersey: 3,299
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Published: May 5, 2017

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