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News Wednesday, Sep 7 2016

Trump's Bondi Allegations Part Of A Pattern Of Lawlessness

Sep 07, 2016

Donald Trump’s habit of paying off politicians is making waves for the Trump campaign again. Trump’s illegal $25,000 donation to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi is just the latest in his pattern of bribery.

The New York Times reports that Trump has been in trouble for similar actions dating back to the ’80s:

In the 1990s, the Federal Election Commission fined Mr. Trump for exceeding the annual limit on campaign contributions by $47,050, the largest violation in a single year. And in 2000, the New York State lobbying commission imposed a $250,000 fine for Mr. Trump’s failing to disclose the full extent of his lobbying of state legislators.

For the most part, Mr. Trump has seemed unrepentant. Testifying in 1988 about a $50,000 bank loan he had first guaranteed, and then repaid, on behalf of Andrew J. Stein’s successful campaign for New York City Council president, Mr. Trump made no bones about the move.

Bondi isn’t the only state AG that got a check from Trump to avoid a case against Trump U. When Governor Greg Abbott was attorney general of Texas, his office was building a case against the scam college that took advantage of working families when suddenly the investigation was killed, an entirely “political” decision. According to the Dallas Morning News:

“The decision not to sue him was political,” John Owens told The Dallas Morning News. “Had [Trump] not been involved in politics to the extent he was at the time, we would have gotten approval. Had he been just some other scam artist, we would have sued him.”
Documents detailing internal discussions among Texas’ lawyers charged with protecting consumers shed new light after an Associated Press report that detailed how Abbott’s investigation into Trump University was “quietly dropped” in 2010 when the company agreed to cease operations in the Lone Star State. A few years later, the AP reported, Abbott received $35,000 in donations from the billionaire real estate mogul for his successful gubernatorial bid.

Trump has screwed over small businesses, single mothers — even veterans — in his quest to build his corrupt empire, and when he gets in trouble, he bribes his way out of it. Now that he has his own political campaign, he’s taking it one step further — using his run for president to enrich himself.  His campaign has paid Trump companies more than $6 million.

Americans can’t trust the billionaire con-artist to lead our country.
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Published: Sep 7, 2016

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