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News LGBTQ+ Wednesday, Jul 6 2016

Trump Supports Pat McCrory's Job-Killing, Anti-LGBT Law

Jul 06, 2016

Governor Pat McCrory is receiving another pat on the back for his “fantastic record” from Donald Trump.

Trump says that he supports the HB2 law passed by North Carolina Republicans and the governor. The anti-LGBT law cost the state millions in economic revenue, threatens federal education funding, and killed thousands of new jobs from coming to North Carolina. Apparently, that doesn’t concern Trump though, whose own policies would “reduce employment by 3.5 million jobs.”

Trump has built his campaign on hateful, extreme right wing rhetoric; he gets excited about financial trouble such as the housing market and Brexit. It’s unsurprising he’s all in for Party of Trump member McCrory’s signature law and the economic and social consequences that come with it.


Watch Trump say he supports HB2: 

Published: Jul 6, 2016

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